Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Background Info

We are grandparents who live in California and the UK. Granny (Beryl) loves to create beautiful hand made trinkets and gifts. She provides critique and honest opinions of Grandad's stories. Grandad (David) is an old time story teller, born into a family of story tellers. Gramma (Margie) loves children. As a Mom, she was also a day camp director and art coordinator, then worked in commercial graphics and design. Grampa (Larry) provides the computer teckie stuff and can't remember ever doing anything else.

How is your private information handled?

We take your privacy very seriously. You can view our Privacy Policy HERE.
How is the book personalized ?

Provide the following personal information:
     The Child's name
     Your name(s), e.g. "Gramma & Grampa" which will appear on the inside cover as the "Creator."
     A photo of the Child or select from our list of generic ethnicities
     Enter the "Dedication" Text, e.g. "This book is dedicated..."
Then select one of the available story templates (that list will continue to grow).
With that information, a personalized book is created; the child's picture appears on the cover and the child's name appears throughout the book.

The personalization process starts when you click on the "Start Creating the Book" button and could last up to 25 seconds.

Please note: the algorithm used to smoothly include the child's name is very good, but is limited to less than 14 characters

How is a book ordered?

After the website displays the first page of your personalized book, you can "page" through the rest of the book by clicking on the forward (>) or backward (<) buttons. When you "page" to the end of the book, the Paypal "Checkout" button appears below the last page,

Clicking on that button displays the Paypal Checkout window which allows you to pay via your Paypal Account( if you have one) or via a credit card. Selecting either one will then display the book's total cost (price, shipping and taxes) and allows you to "Check out" and buy the book. After you have entered your credit card, shipping address, email address and clicked on the Payment button, the Paypal window is closed and the "button" area is replaced with "Order" informatiom , i.e. person making the order, the Order Identification, Order status and the Order Amount, including any discounts.

Based on the email address you entered during the Checkout, that email will recieve a confirmation email which includes the same information.

Note: at any time prior to clicking on the "Payment" button, you can click on the Close Window button on the Paypal screen to terminate the checkout process. The Order will then be cancelled and no charges will be applied.

What is Your Refund Policy?

When you order a book, it takes 3-5 business days to print/bind and ship your order. Each order is individually prepared and packaged. You can "see" what the results of your order will be on the web site. So any issues like spelling, layout, colors, etc can be identified prior to placing the order. Our policy allows you to cancel the order up until the order is shipped. You will recieve full credit towards your next purchase.

Our product is personalized and unique; A book cannot simply be put back into invertory and sold at a later date. If a customer must, under very extenuating circumstances, cancel an order, we will give every consideration, but we must be appraised of the issues involved. If there is a quality issue, get in touch with us and we will make it right.

What is the "REMINDER"

The "REMINDER" is just that; it reminds you of events/times in your life that would necessitate the buying of one of our books. When you first open the site , it "reminds" you of how long, i.e. days, hours, minutes & seconds until Christmas and continues to "count down" to that time.
By clicking on the word "REMINDER", you open the dialog to allow you to enter a personal event/time, e.g. a grandchilds' birthday. Note that the time is entered as a Month/Day in the MM/DD format.
Once the new reminder is entered, you can enter an additional "REMINDER" or you can click on the word "REMINDER" to close the dialog and just show the count down. The information you entered is retained by your computer via "cookies".
Clicking on the up/down arrow allows you to click though the list you have entered.
Once the count down for an event has completed, you are shown a dialog which allows you to either REMOVE an event from the list or RENEW the event for the next year. Note; you cannot remove the CHRISTMAS event.

How does this website remember my email address & "Reminders"? Is that information kept private? How can the data be changed/deleted?

This website uses web "cookies" to keep track of the email address you use and any "Reminders'" you have entered. Our Privacy Policy prevents this information from being sold or given to anyone. If you do not want your information to remain on the web site you can delete/reset it by clicking