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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tell Me About You

We are grand parents who live in California and the UK. Granny (Beryl) loves to create beautiful hand made trinkets and gifts. She provides critique and honest opinons of Grandad's stories. Grandad (David) is an old time story teller, born into a family of story tellers. Grandma (Margie) loves children. As a Mom, she was also a day camp director and art coordinator, then worked in commercial graphics and design. Grandpa (Larry) provides the computer teckie stuff and can't remember ever doing anything else.

How do you handle my private Information?

We take your privacy very seriously. You can view our Privacy Policy here.
How do you Personalize the Books?

You provide the following pieces of personal infomation:
    The Child's name
    Your name(s)
    A photo of the Child
Then, depending on the age group of the child, you select one of the available story templates(that list will continue to grow)
With that infomation we create a personalized book in which the child's picture appears on the cover and the child's name appears throughout the book. Your name appears on the inside cover as the "Creator".
Please note: the algorithm used to smoothly include the child's name is very good, but is limited to less than 14 characters
What is Your Refund Policy?

When you order a book, it takes 3-5 business days to print/bind and ship your order. Each order is individually prepared and packaged. You can "see" what the results of your order will be on the web site. So any issues like spelling, layout, colors, etc can be identified prior to receipt. Our policy allows you to cancel the order up until the order is shipped.